Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ward 7 Transportation Summit & Listening Tour Summary Report

The planning committee has officially released the summary report of the Ward 7 Transportation Summit and Listening Tour held on March 12, 2011

Ward 7 Transportation Summit Summary

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Transportation Happenings - 38th Street SE (Update #1)

For previous update, click here. The latest update from DDOT.
Traffic Operations says the current roadway, 38th St SE, has 4 way stop at Suitland road and a traffic light at Alabama. Traffic count doing day is low, increases on Fri- Saturday, but not significant enough to warrant interrupting this bus route. V and W are short U shaped streets that have a maximum average of 15 seconds doing the week that motorist have to wait to enter the main road known as 38th, To place additional stop signs would have adverse effects at the top of the hill as well as the bottom . They will send a request to MPD to monitor for 30 days for speeders doing am/pm rush hours

Friday, March 11, 2011

TRAFFIC ADVISORY - Pennsylvania Ave SE

For Immediate Release
Friday, March 11, 2011
Media Contact: John Lisle at (202) 671-2004


Lane Closures and Parking Restrictions Planned for Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Work is Part of Pennsylvania Avenue Great Streets Project

(Washington, D.C.) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will be closing the lane on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE between Fort Davis Street and Southern Avenue for approximately 90 days starting on Saturday, March 12, 2011, weather permitting. The lane closure will be required to accommodate the reconstruction of the curb, gutter and sidewalks in this area.

While this lane is closed curbside parking will remain restricted. “No Parking” signs will be in place to provide warning.

The driveway on Pennsylvania Avenue that leads to the Fairfax Village parking lot will be maintained open.

Temporary signs will be in place to alert and guide the traveling public through this area.

The Pennsylvania Avenue Great Streets project covers 2 miles of construction, from 200 ft. west of 27th Street to Southern Avenue. To obtain more information about this project, you may visit the project field office at 2410 Minnesota Avenue, SE, go online at or Contact DDOT’s Project Engineer Luan Tran at 202-671-4649.

Ward 7 Transportation Summit & Listening Tour

UPDATED 3/11/2011 @ 11:00AM

Budget hearings are around the corner. In these tough economic times the City's leadership is tasked with making hard decisions. It is no secret that Ward 7 needs better bus service. We have three metro stations that are located in close proximity leaving bus as the only public transportation option for most of the Ward.

Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chairman of the Council Committee on Public Works & Transportation, and Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander want to hear from you!!! How can bus service be better? What are our priorities for enhancement?

Saturday, March 12th, 2011
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Department of Employment Services
4058 Minnesota Ave NE
Large conference room on the 5th floor.


Tentative Agenda
  • Welcome
  • Community Testimony
  • WMATA presentation
  • How DC Government Budget Works
  • Community Discussion
  • Next Steps
  • Wrap-up
For people using Twitter during the event, please use hashtag #RediscovertheBus

Who should attend?
Anyone who is bus dependent
Anyone who uses bus as their primary mode of travel to/from work
Anyone who has ever been stranded at a bus stop for a bus that seems like it will never arrive
Anyone who wishes they didn't have to always drive to visit destinations in their own Ward
Anyone who has ever been on a bus so crowded you wonder if it's overcapacity
Anyone who cares about better bus service in Ward 7

RSVP (optional)
It's not mandatory, but we would like a head count. Please email Veronica ( and let us know if you are coming and what bus lines you regularly ride.

What if I can't attend?
Please feel free to email Veronica your list of concerns prior to the meeting at In addition, the Planning Committee made of a concerned citizens from around the Ward will take notes and provide compile them into one document. We will share them over the listservs and ensure the Committee on Public Works and Transportation receive a copy.

How to Get there?
By Bus - The bus lines that stop at the Minnesota Ave Metro Station are U2, U4, U5, U6, U8, V7, V8, X1, X2, X3.

By Metro - The DOES building is located on the Orange Line at the Minnesota Ave Metro Station.

By Car - There is free parking at the WMATA parking lot located directly behind the DOES building.

To determine the best option for you, please use WMATA's trip planner. We encourage everyone to take public transportation.

HCCA Testimony - Oversight of Department of Motor Vehicles


RE: Public Testimony for Oversight of the Department of Motor Vehicles
Thursday March 10, 2011

We would like to thank Councilmember Wells and the honorable members of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation for the opportunity to submit testimony on the oversight of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of the Motor Vehicles service center located at the Penn-Branch Shopping Center is located in the Penn-Branch community, which borders our community. Our testimony will outline challenges with that location and specific recommendations to improve service and alleviate impacts to our community.

o Long Wait Times Outside: The Penn-Branch service center has inadequate capacity for existing service levels. The service location can only hold about 50 customers inside. When the inside capacity is reached, a line is formed outside on the sidewalk. Residents have reported waiting in the outside lines for as long as three hours. Seniors and disabled residents are exempt from standing in the line. However, all other customers are subject to the weather conditions.

o Limited Public Transportation Access: Only two bus lines (M6, 36) service the shopping center, which leads most people to drive or take a cab to this location. Even people within walking distance choose to drive to this location given the steep topography. Since most people drive, the lower parking lot (which is sizable) fills up. Motorist either park at the upper parking lot (which is small) or on neighborhood streets. Parking in the upper parking lot prevents people visiting the retail stores from being able to park.

o Limited Traffic Circulation: Despite limited parking, travel by car has other challenges. Most people visiting this service center arrive via Eastbound Pennsylvania Ave SE. Motorist cannot make a left turn at Branch Ave SE, so they enter through the shopping center entrance on Pennsylvania Ave. If Westbound Pennsylvania Ave SE traffic is heavy, cars turning left into the shopping center can back up traffic all the way to Branch Ave SE. Some motorist who are aware of the no left turn on Pennsylvania Ave SE to Branch Ave SE, use neighborhood streets to access the entrances on Branch Ave SE.

o Inefficient Customer Service: There is a perception by some residents that the customer service could be more efficient. One thing that is frustrating is waiting in line for hours to be told that you are missing information or you need to go to a different service location. There is a receptionist inside who checks to make sure you have adequate documentation. However, by the time you arrive at the receptionist desk, you have already been in line for hours. In addition, residents stated employees are seen standing around having non-work conversations instead of assisting customers.

o Increase capacity at the Penn-Branch Service location to address current service levels
It is our understanding there are plans to expand the DMV as part of a lease renewal with the shopping center. We do not know the status of the lease. If the expansion does occur, we believe the additional capacity should only address existing service levels. The expansion should not serve additional demand.

o Alleviate the Demand at Penn-Branch
It is our understanding that the other locations do not have as long wait times as the Penn-Branch location. While we have not independently verified if this is the case, we recommend increasing the capacity and/or encourage residents to use the other service locations to alleviate some of the demand at Penn-Branch service center.

o Consideration of Relocating the Service Center to a Transit-Oriented Development East of the River
While we appreciate having a DMV service center is close proximity to our neighborhood, we wonder if there are other locations East of the River that may be more suitable. We recommend the City investigate if there is a location East of the River (now or in future developments) that is accessible to more public transportation options (i.e. more bus lines and/or metrorail station) and still has adequate parking available for people who choose to drive.

o Improve Customer Service Efficiency
We would recommend a dedicated staff person to check the documentation of the people standing in line outside. Therefore, people who do not have adequate documentation or need to go to a different service center can step out of line. This will make the line move faster for people who do have proper documentation.

We thank you for your time. We are available for any follow-up questions.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phase 2 Environmental Assessment for Anacostia Street Car

Public Meeting for Anacostia Streetcar Phase 2 Environmental Assessment and Historic Preservation Study

(Washington, D.C.) The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) are hosting the second public meeting for the Anacostia Streetcar Phase 2 Environmental Assessment and Historic Preservation Study, on Saturday, March 26 at Matthews Memorial Church, from 10 am to noon.

As part of this study the FTA and DDOT are analyzing a range of transportation alternatives, including the proposed streetcar routes that emerged from the last community workshop held on January 12, 2010, to create a transit connection between the Anacostia Metrorail Station and the 11th Street Bridge. The various transportation options that are under consideration and the criteria that will be used to evaluate these alternatives will be presented at this meeting.

What: Public Meeting for Anacostia Streetcar Phase 2 Environmental
Assessment and Historic Preservation Study

When: Saturday, March 26, 2011
10 am to 12 pm

Where: Matthews Memorial Church, 2616 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE
Matthews Memorial Church is in close proximity to the Anacostia Metrorail Station on the Green Line and several bus lines. The facility is accessible to individuals with disabilities and we will also be providing refreshments for participants and childcare for children five and up.

For more information please call (888) 415-9869 or email

DDOT initiated the Anacostia Streetcar Phase 2 Environmental Assessment and Historic Preservation Study in December 2010. The study is anticipated to be completed by September 2011and is intended to identify the best alternatives that address the project’s purpose and need, maximize environmental benefits, and minimize the potential for adverse impacts. In addition, DDOT will evaluate potential effects to cultural resources in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. More information about this study is available at

Friday, March 4, 2011

Transportation Happenings - 32nd St SE & Alabama Ave SE

The intersection at 32nd St and Alabama Ave is is dangerous because of the poor sight distance traveling North on Alabama and the long stretch without a traffic signal that encourages higher speeds. I put in a request to consider a traffic signal.

Response from DDOT:
The traffic signal analysis is still going on—there is concern about backing up traffic onto Branch with additional signal so close to Alabama and Branch and 30 and Branch ( where you turn to Market Place) …but they are working hard to look--- at alternatives ---- the other intersection they will be done this week and they will give me the report mid-week next week
Please stay tuned for updates.