Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pennsylvania Ave Great Street Ribbon-Cutting Video

Thanks DDOT for this great video

Improvements in Hillcrest

Pedestrian Safety improvements on Naylor Road

If you haven't seen the pedestrian safety improvements on Naylor Road between Good Hope and 25th, go check them out. DDOT is doing a fantastic job. I biked down there today and cars are actually respecting the crosswalk.

Thanks to Commissioner Williams, Mr. Rufus Norris, Deborah Dillard, and community for your tenacity. HCCA will submit a thank you to DDOT on behalf of the community, but we urge everyone else to submit individual thank yous. Terry Bellamy

- Alabama Ave between Pennsylvania Ave and Naylor Road is on "the list" to receive fresh pavement markings in April.

- Storm drain on Branch Ave and Alabama Ave is on the list for cleaning and repairs. The back-up during rain events is because there is cement in the drain. I haven't received a timeline for repairs, but we have a work order

- Anne Beers Safe Routes to School is finally getting ramped up. DDOT, school administrators and I met last week to observe behavior at the end of the school day. It was emphasized to DDOT that Friends of Francis A Gregory/Library Staff and adjacent community need to be included in discussion and we want high quality improvements.

- 2000 block of Fort Davis and 3800 block of W Street are on the list for pavement repairs

- WMATA has a major effort to replace bus stop poles.  I've been biking the routes in Hillcrest to note stops that need new poles and/or bus schedules.  I'm about 2/3 complete and so far so good.  I hope to get the list to WMATA by next week.