Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Better Bus Service

The Ward 7 transportation advocates have been vocal over the last 2 years to get better bus service in Ward 7.  The Hillcrest Community Civic Association submitted testimony in April 2011 requesting WMATA to improve the 36, 39, M6, and W4. We are very happy to announce that effective June 17, 2012, WMATA will be making improvements to the 39, M6 and W4!!!! The changes for bus lines that service Hillcrest are below:

39 Pennsylvania Avenue MetroExtra
Additional trips will run every 15 minutes and the span of service will increase from two hours to three hours in the morning and evening rush hours. New scheduled travel times will reflect the current traffic conditions for improved on-time performance. 
M6 Fairfax Village
Recovery time between trips will increase to improve reliability and on-time performance.  
W4 Deanwood – Alabama Avenue
To reduce crowding, the time between buses during weekday middays will be reduced from 33 to 26 minutes. 

Although this blog is specific to Hillcrest, below are changes to other routes in Ward 7.
V7, V8, V9 Minnesota Avenue – M Street
Weekday and Saturday scheduled travel times will be adjusted to reflect current traffic conditions and improve on-time performance. Buses will run every 30 minutes on Saturdays and coordinate with U2 trips on Minnesota Avenue. 

Thank you WMATA!!!