Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summary of Meeting with DDOT: BikeShare

Commissioner Robert A Jordan (ANC 7B06) and I met with Chris and Josh from DDOT regarding a BikeShare station near the Fairfax Village section of Hillcrest. We appreciate they took time out of their day to meet us on-site in Fairfax Village. Robert and I communicated the residents of Fairfax Village in Hillcrest and our neighbors across the street in Fort Davis have been begging for a BikeShare station.

The location that looks promising is the sidewalk on 38th Street at the triangle park between 38th St, Pennsylvania Ave and Alabama Ave. DDOT has to check to see if the City owns the sidewalk or National Park Service. Another possible location is the Fort Davis Shopping Center. DDOT is going to touch base with City Interest to see if it's feasible.

DDOT did state the Penn-Branch station was going to be reinstalled "soon". However, the bad news is it will be located west of Branch Ave. The reason is DDOT tries to keep the stations within 0.5 mile of each other, which makes it easier for the operator to rebalance the system (i.e. making sure their adequate empty docks and bike available).

Here is the follow-up email sent to DDOT.


Thank you for meeting with us in Fairfax Village/Hillcrest today. The residents of Fairfax Village/Hillcrest and Fort Davis communities strongly believe that our community should be first on the list for any new stations East of the River. We have all the elements for success:
  • Bike lanes on Alabama Ave SE
  • Majority of the existing membership in 20020 zip code, which includes Historic Anacostia. Anacostia has 2 stations and we have 0.
  • Residents who want to be members contingent upon getting a location close to our community
  • Dedicated members of the community willing to go door-to-door in a grassroots campaign to register new members if we get a station
  • Residents willing to conduct "lessons" at the station on how to use the program

We have our fingers crossed that the location at 38th and Alabama Ave SE or Fort Davis Shopping Center fits within the criteria for a BikeShare station. We understand the challenges that DDOT faces as the program continues to expand. The residents of Fairfax Village and Fort Davis communities, not only want to see the program succeed East of the River, we want to be part of that success.

Please let Robert and I know how we be of any assistance in this process.


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