Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Request for Information - Transportation

2 requests for input by Feb 10th

1. Questions for March Guest Speaker
DDOT Director, Terry Bellamy will be the guest speaker for the March civic association meeting.  Please email me any specific topics or questions you want him to address, so he can be prepared for answer at the meeting.

2. Transportation-related Oversight Hearings
It's that time of the year again for agency oversight w/budget hearings soon after.  The STTC plans to submit testimony for the public record for WMATA and DDOT on behalf of the civic association.  If you have any concerns, feedback, and/or suggestions for improvement for either agency, please email me by February 10th.

Last year the we submitted written testimony for DMV.

The Hearings for transportation related agencies are below (subject to change):
February 22nd - WMATA

March 2 - DDOT, Bicycle Advisory Council, Pedestrian Advisory Council

Hearing schedule attached for your information.  I also encourage you to submit your own testimony for the agency above (and other agencies too, of course).

The budget hearings are all after the Ward 7 Transportation Summit, so we have time to talk as a ward about issues we can tackle together. 

Fy11 12 Agency Performance Hearings Schedule

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